Hoddywell Archery Park offers 3 public shooting trails & target lane:

  • 9 Target Family Fun Beginners Trail – $20.00 per person
    All basic archery equipment is provided, practice bays available, tuition by instructors, undercover targets, fairly graded trail.

  • After Safety talk and instructions Archers enter the Trail, shoot 3 arrows at Target one  score & retrieve arrows then proceed to Target 2 and so on until target 9 is reached.
  • 15 Target Adventure Intermediate Trail – $24.90 per person
    Surrounded by natural bush, undulating graded trail, uphill climb, downhill descent, smaller targets at longer distance.

  • The game is played the same as the Beginners Trail. Archers shoot 3 arrows at each each Target until Target 15.
  • 18 Target Extreme Advanced Trail – $27.90 per person
    Surrounded by natural bush, undulating graded trail, spread out over a large area, more challenging positions.

  • The same rules except there are 18 Targets to complete.
  • Target Lane – $27.00 per person / hour
    Marked archery shooting range from 10m to 90m.

  • Archers shoot from chosen distance.

We accept payment by Cash, MasterCard and Visa.

Fees are with a RECURVE BOW and includes all shooting and safety instructions.

A COMPOUND BOW on the Intermediate or Advanced Trails or the Shooting Range is an extra $5.00. COMPOUND BOWS are not permitted on the Beginner’s Trail.

People looking at Ernie People Shooting

Family having a go at archery Woman Shooting

Shooting with own equipment

15 Target Intermediate Trail                 $23.90 per person / round

18 Target Advanced Trail                       $26.90 per person / round

90m Target Lane                                     $25.00 per person / hour

Half Day – 4 hours                                   $48.50 per person

All Day – 9.30am to 5pm                      $60.50 per person

Note: Max bow draw weight for Intermediate Trail is 50lb. Advanced Trail & Target Lane is 60lb. Own equipment is not permitted on the Beginners Trail.

Last bows out at 4pm. All shooting stops at 5pm.