Hoddywell Archery Park offers 3 public shooting trails & target lane:

  • 9 Target Family Fun Beginners Trail – $20.00 per person
    All basic archery equipment is provided, practice bays available, tuition by instructors, undercover targets, fairly graded trail. After safety briefing and instructions Archers enter the trail, shoot 3 arrows at target no. 1, score & retrieve arrows then proceed to target no. 2 and so on until target no. 9 is reached.

  • 15 Target Adventure Intermediate Trail – $24.90 per person
    Surrounded by natural bush, undulating graded trail, uphill climb, downhill descent, smaller targets at longer distance. The game is played the same as the Beginners Trail. Archers shoot 3 arrows at each target until target no. 15.

  • 18 Target Extreme Advanced Trail – $27.90 per person
    Surrounded by natural bush, different terrain settings, undulating graded trail, spread out over a large area, more challenging positions.

  • Target Lane – $27.00 per person / hour
    Marked archery shooting range from 10m to 90m. Archers shoot from chosen distance.

We accept payment by Cash, MasterCard and Visa.

Fees are with a RECURVE BOW and includes all shooting and safety instructions.

A COMPOUND BOW on the Intermediate or Advanced Trails or the Shooting Range is an extra $5.00. COMPOUND BOWS are not permitted on the Beginner’s Trail.

People looking at Ernie People Shooting

Family having a go at archery Woman Shooting

Shooting with own equipment

15 Target Intermediate Trail                 $23.90 per person / round

18 Target Advanced Trail                       $26.90 per person / round

90m Target Lane                                     $25.00 per person / hour

Half Day – 4 hours                                   $48.50 per person

All Day – 9.30am to 5pm                      $60.50 per person

Note: Max bow draw weight for Intermediate Trail is 50lb. Advanced Trail is 60lb. Target Lane is 70lb. Own equipment is not permitted on the Beginners Trail.

Last bows out at 4pm. All shooting stops at 5pm.