In Detail: 9 Target Family Fun Beginners Trail

Our 9 Target Family Fun Beginners Trail is ideal for those who have never done Archery before, or have some experience but would like to have revised tuition to make sure they are shooting correctly and safely. It’s also ideal for families and friends who want to have a go with a bow and arrow in a safe and fun environment.

What do I get?

Prices for the Beginners Trail is $20 per person. This includes all hire equipment including the bow, arrows, tuition and safety briefing. One of our experienced instructors will show you how to safely shoot a bow and arrow as well as showing correct technique so you can hit some bullseyes in no time! Our instructors are friendly, welcoming and patient so there is no need to feel scared or awkward.

After practicing on our dedicated practice bays you or your group will begin the 9 target trail. The rules are that each archer shoots their 3 arrows at a target, once everyone has shot their arrows and safely retrieves them, they proceed to the next target and so on until they complete the trail. A group of 4 people usually completes the Beginners Trail in around 1 hour.

Do I have to join up to a club or association after?

No. Hoddywell Archery Park is Australia’s ONLY full-sized dedicated public archery facility. We’re not a club and are not affiliated with any archery association – we’re 100% independent. This means you won’t have to join up to any kind of membership, have to attend committee meetings or have to deal with club politics. Hoddywell makes archery affordable and fun to the general public.

Hoddywell Archery Park is insured and has a 100% safety record.

Do I have to book in advance?

If you’re group has less than 8 people in it or you’re coming by yourself then there is no need to book! If you’re group has 8 or more people please book by calling us on 08 9574 2410 or emailing

What is the minimum age?

Minimum age for archery at Hoddywell is generally 6 years. However we have had 5 year olds and even a 4 year old shoot a bow here. We have plenty junior bows for children. Our staff can determine if your child can safely shoot a bow.

Do you accept cards?

Of course we do. It’s the 21 Century! We accept Visa and Mastercards as well as cash. We have two EFPTOS terminals available.